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Reviews of services that send the email you want

On this page we review services that send alerts and other forms of messages that you want to receive in your inbox, including fax to email servcies, voicemail to email, and alert services.

Voicemail Services

There are several phone and voicemail services that send alerts to your email, or email receiving device, when new voicemail is received. Some of these include an audio attachement with your email, and some (Google Voice) will even transcribe the voicemail and send the transcript. Among these services are:

Fax Services

There are also services that provide you with a fax number, and receive faxes on your behalf which are then sent to your mailbox. Among these services are:

Alert Services

The last category of services that I will discuss are the alert services that send you e-mail notifications of particular events. Most of these services are offered by companies with which you already interact, such as airlines and banks. News services like CNN, and web sites that aggregate news from other sources, such as Google News, also offer services where you can sign up for email alerts for events that match your search criteria. There are even real estate sites that wil send you an alert when a property marching your search criteria comes available on the market.
  • Airlines - Most airlines offer flight status emails that send alerts of the gate and scheduled departure times for flights on which their frequent flyers are booked. There are usually additional events that can be tracked such as flight arrival time, upgrade clearance, and schedule changes. Check your airline's web site for the services that are available.
  • Banks - Many banks and credit card issuers will now provide the ability to sign up for alerts for transactions above a pre-set dollar amount, as well as alerts when you approach your credit limit or your payment due date. Check your bank or card issues web site to find out what alerts might be available.
  • Real estate listing services - like zipRealty allow you to set parameters for a search and they will notify you by email when a matching property is listed.
  • News alerts - Google news and CNN both allow you to specify search terms and when news articles matching those terms are published online you receive an alert.
  • Home Automation Systems - Some home automation systems are able to send alerts when partcular events occur. I have mine set to send an email whenver one of my irrigation cycles completes.
  • Security Systems - There are home security systems that will also alert you by email when specified monitored events occur.