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Reviews of all thingZ for your MailBox

Welcome to ZMBX.COM where we review all things for your mailbox. We cover mail reading programs, free and paid mail hosting services, as well as sites that feed information you request to your system, and devices for reading your mail:

  • Software - Learn about software for reading your mail, including Outlook, Thunderbird, and Eudora. These are programs that run on your desktop or laptop system that download your mail, store the mail in local folders, and allow you to view your messages. Most also include local filtering rules for moving messages to folders, as well as to filter unwanted email, such as spam.

  • Services - This page discusses mail hosting providers, those places that will give you an email address and accept mail on your behalf that you access through web portals, or in some cases from which you can download your email to the programs described on the software page.

  • Feederz - This page discusses the programs you can sign up for that generate messages to your mailbox when events occur. These alert messages are sent by e-mail, to you mailbox, or to your PDA or cell phone. They include the ability to receive alerts for news items, activitiy on credit cards, stock alters, etc. The page also discusses services that forward voicemails or faxes to your mailbox.

  • Readerz - This page discusses mobile devices for reading your mail, including the iPhone, Blackberry, PDAs and other devices.

  • Weederz - This page discusses your options for filtering email, especially with respect to eliminating spam. Other kinds of filters are also discussed.

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